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Food Allergies, Anaphylaxis and Running

I had my first anaphylactic shock reaction to fish in 1989, a couple months before my 9th birthday. I arrived at the hospital in time to receive epinephrine and thankfully I survived. Allergy tests would reveal I was allergic to all seafood and fish, though I’d been eating it without incident nearly every week for my

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Living with Life-Threatening Food Allergies

My MedicAlert bracelet has remained on my wrist for the past twenty-one years. It has seen me through every dance performance, breakup, sleepover, and most importantly, allergic reaction. While the styles, allergies, and chain length have changed over the years, one thing remains clear: this bracelet is my lifeline.

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On the Courts: Penicillin Allergy and the Boston Celtics

At the infirmary, Frank was given an injection of penicillin. By the time he could roll his sleeve back down, Frank went into anaphylactic shock – dizziness, stomach cramps, profuse sweating, vomiting – and within three minutes, Frank hit the floor. When he came to five minutes later, the doctor was hovering over him with

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