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Food Allergies, Anaphylaxis and Running

I had my first anaphylactic shock reaction to fish in 1989, a couple months before my 9th birthday. I arrived at the hospital in time to receive epinephrine and thankfully I survived. Allergy tests would reveal I was allergic to all seafood and fish, though I’d been eating it without incident nearly every week for my

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Waiting for a Heart Transplant

Some people use an LVAD for the rest of their lives, but for Chrissy, it’s a “bridge to transplant” while she waits to receive a new heart. Donor hearts are already difficult to come by, and because she is 6’1”, Chrissy needs a heart from a taller person. Her health journey affects not just her life, but the lives of her

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Living with Epilepsy: From Ad Exec to Pageant Queen

“Living with epilepsy, I feel more safe, more calm with MedicAlert,” says Alexandra Debourcy. Find out why, and follow her epilepsy journey.

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